New Wave Order is a tribute to the New Wave hits of the 80s. A five-piece band of seasoned musicians that have been in the music industry for years who deliver a exciting, sonically amazing live show. "Our goal is to give you something that sparks your memories and keeps you coming back for more", says front man Jon Zamora. NWO have spent hundreds of hours in their studio making sure they can recreate the sound of New Wave hits as closest to the originals as possible. "By using era specific synthesizers and state of the art current gear,  we can replicate those specific sounds that are iconic to each song" says synth/bass player Brett Harrison. Add in the spot on vocals of Jon and Ciera, Nick’s masterful guitar-work and Robb’s drum chops and the sonic flashback is complete. Couple that with their custom lights and videos for each song and you have the ultimate New Wave production.

New Wave Order can entertain any size crowd and will leave you with a fun and memorable experience. New Wave Order will put on an amazing show whether it's for a private party or for thousands of people.

See You Soon!