“One of the best tribute bands I've seen or heard. I feel like they secretly stole my playlist of new wave and 80's favorites to do live. Danced my face off and can't wait for another show. The dial goes to 11 with these guys.” - J.S.


“I recommend you go to a NWO concert and be prepared for the trip. I guarantee if Simon Le Bon, Dave Gahan, or Siouxsie Sioux attended one of their shows they'd be very proud. Probably even cry. Yeah, NWO is that good. They give a 110% and it shows. No cheap imitations here!!” - M.C.


“Incredible!!! I accidentally caught their show last night, told my girlfriend we’d stay for 1 song. 2 sets later, she had to pull me out to leave.” - S.W.


“Best 80’s new wave cover band! My best friends since high school (Class of ‘87) and I danced the whole time just like we did back at the under 21 teen dance clubs. Amazing singing and spot on music! We will definitely follow this band for more amazing shows!” - J.O.